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Sell My House in Oregon

No matter the conditions, We Buy Houses in Oregon with an easy and simple process, on your timeline, and on fair terms. We care, and that means We Got You.

When you chose us, you get a FREE no-obligation CASH OFFER, plus we will explain to you different ways to sell your house for top dollar.

Believe it, We Got you.

At We Buy Your House in Portland, you come first; that means we’ll do everything to help you, no matter the conditions of your property, or how fast you need to sell; we’re here to help you get rid of stress, gain your peace back, and be ready for the next chapter in life.

Sell Your House Fast In Oregon With A Fair Process Designed for You.

“We loved working with Bert! He was always very patient and took the time to answer any and all questions we had. We would definitely recommend him; he’s very hardworking and passionate about what he does!”

Chelsea & Karim | Tualatin, OR

We Buy Houses in Oregon

We are inspired by the beautiful homes of the PNW so we will excel to put together the best offer for you according to your timeline and needs; we will give you a Fair, Win-Win CASH OFFER. Keep in mind that when you sell your Oregon house to us you avoid paying fees, commissions, closing costs, repairs, and get your money quickly; the conditions or situations don’t matter, there’s always a way to close a FAIR deal, so you’re happy and satisfied after selling your house.

Get CASH Fast

Sell FAST to Relocate



Sell a Damaged Property (Roof, Mold, Fire, Water)

STOP Foreclosure

We Will Buy Your House Fast No Matter The Situation.

How Do I Sell My House Fast In Oregon?

Honestly, it’s “A-B-C, easy as 1, 2, 3.” (know the song?)

We made it easy, transparent, and simple for you to sell your house fast with
no-nonsense along the process.

Get To Know Us

This is one of the most important decisions in your life. Visit our ‘About Us’ and ‘How It Works’ pages to find out more about why and how we do things. We like to keep things transparent, if you’re quick on your feet, and you’re already convinced to work with us, go to step #2

Get a Fair Offer

We will call you within 4 business hours and we will ask some question to understand your situation and then, explain ALL the options you have when selling your house. We involve you in the process, guaranteeing you won’t get a lowball offer, at least not from us.

Get your FREE Cash Offer NOW!

Sell Your House

Although, Get Your MONEY sounds better.

When we have agreed on the terms of your FREE CASH OFFER, you’ll decide the closing date and when you’re receiving your money – YES, in CASH – within 30 days or less.

With Whom Should I Sell My House in Oregon?

You are our reason for business; we’re here to help you. After a series of difficult life situations, I decided to dedicate myself to helping others and, as I really like HGTV shows, what better way of helping than buying houses fast for cash. This method is fantastic for people who want to, or need to, SELL FAST.

I understand your feelings – overall, it feels like a heavy rock on your shoulders – that’s why we’re here to help, but YOU NEED TO ACT FAST!

I’m here to help you in this process and go above and beyond. Like I did with Debbie when I helped her move her personal belongings to a storage unit; she didn’t have to ask twice and we even packaged some stuff for her.

We Got You.

Get Your No-Obligation CASH OFFER started NOW

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What I’ve been trying to say is that this is a better way to Sell Your House in Oregon Getting as Much Money for it as possible; even if it’s dirty or needs ton of repairs, we know ways to make a win-win deal that will leave you smiling for a long time – with money in your pockets – PICTURE THAT! (I know, your already day dreaming on how AWESOME your LIFE will look like as soon as you get your cash in 30 days or less; just don’t forget to fill FILL A FORM so you can get your offer ASAP.



  • Get the remaining equity of your property and pay your debts. Ideal for a quick close if you need to sell fast.
  • Get the money you need to relocate while generating a passive income. Get some money upfront and the rest on monthly payments (with interests); you’re actually generating mor money this way!
  • Start re-enjoying life. Get rid of the problems causing you stress; there’s a reason you’re reading this, it’s time to take action.

Get started now, know your options, and SELL YOUR HOUSE IN Oregon within minutes.

We’re not a one-size-fits-all company. You and Your house are unique, let us make a unique offer.

Get Your No-Obligation CASH OFFER started NOW

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Sell Your House in Oregon
With A Cash Offer

We will listen to understand your situation, what you’re going through, what is your desired price and timeline, then we’ll explain all your options, and build WITH YOU a Fair Win-Win Cash Offer. That’s why we’ll never lowball you, we involve you in the process of making your own offer – how cool, right?


Every situation is unique, and we understand that. Either you are late on payments, or relocating, or behind on taxes, or don’t want to spend a lot of money on repairs, or whatever the reason it is you need to sell fast, WE WILL LISTEN to your needs, and understand what you’re going through to better explain to you, all the options you have when selling.


The final goal might be selling your house, or receiving as much equity as possible for your house – you did an investment on it, right? Let us explain different options that could help you through your selling process. Let’s get creative and build an offer together.


After you know more about your selling options we’ll get creative and co-create an offer based on our unique offer process. If you want to learn more go to our “How It Works” page.


Don’t worry about showing your property to unknown agents or buyers. Pay NO fees. Leave your property AS-IS, take what you love the most, and leave the rest; we’ll take of it.

We offer a straightforward process where you’re involved in any step and terms we want to consider in your offer.


We know and understand this decision comes with multiple other things to consider, so we won’t push you to rush things out. We’ll work with you to agree on terms for closing and move-out date. We make any timeline work.


You have two key actions in our process. 1) Understand your options and build with us the terms of your CASH OFFER. 2) Sign the contract documents – you can do this from the comfort of you couch or bed.

Oh! And don’t forget…


Good at being reasonable, Bert found the positives all along our process and he humored things when we all needed the most.”

Iris & Manuel | Portland, OR

When it comes to houses, We Buy Houses in Oregon with the most seller-friendly process and best cash offers in town, and not only that, we look on ways to leave a positive impact in our communities and the amazing people who lives there. Learn more in our “Our Company” page. You’ll love what we do.


Sell your house with a company that cares about you getting the best deal and will show you the way(s) to do that, THAT’S US. We Buy Your House in Oregon and many other places within Oregon state. Get your Free No-lowball, no-obligation CASH OFFER today and remember:

Any condition, any situation: WE GOT YOU.