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We are moved by social causes and personal growth.

Moving from transforming workplace cultures into great places to work, to transforming neighborhoods and homes into great places to live.

Hi there! I’m Bert 😃

I once thought that I could help a lot of people by joining a large corporation and make better Human Resources practices that led to more inclusive and efficient workplaces; sadly, I realized that’s a BIG “animal” that changes too slowly. My desire to help people kept motivating me, and so I went into learning coaching – but not any coaching, the top coaching school in the world. After learning co-active coaching, I’ve worked with different people to help them set and achieve goals in 8 areas of their life, like love, health, or personal finance. This helped me grow too, and soon realized I was in an abusive relationship at the time; after getting out of it, I’ve been focusing on myself and now that I’m ready to keep helping others; I do so, through my blog, and through WE BUY YOUR HOUSE IN PORTLAND, where I can have an impact on society by living my own HGTV dream life.

Meet Out Team

I’m Bert, and I will be by your side though out all the process. I’ll explain to you – for FREE – everything you need to know about selling your house to us, or to anyone.


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We partner with local contractors, designers, landscapers, hardware stores, and more, supporting our small business local economy and jobs.