The Most Transparent & Supportive
House Buyers in Oregon

and the Easiest to Work With, BY FAR.

We pride in our commitment to important causes.

We’re not just any other “We Buy Houses” company; we are people committed to doing good personal growth, and community development. There’s 6 principles that allow us to excel at what we do, and bring the best possible offer to our clients and helps us keep strong relationships with our business partners.

 Greatness Starts with Commitment

 Frugal Design

 “How can we…?”

 Conscious Renovations 

 Always be learning

 KIS (Keep it Simple)

Our vision as an organization is to keep houses and neighborhoods updated while offering accessible housing prices.

We’re committed to the city
and our neighbors.

We love the Pacific Northwest and all it has to offer; it’s been our home for some years now and we want to Keep It Weird And Awesome! We understand the current housing challenges, and put skin into improving the situation. We will build an ADU whenever is possible (Conscious Renovations), Use a simple, comfy, yet elegant, design that can last for decades (Frugal Design), Show our clients all the options they have to sell their house and encourage them to learn and get more than 1 quote (Always be learning), Because of the things we constantly learn, we can offer alternatives and terms to our clients. (“How-can-we..?”)

We partner with local, family-owned contractors, designers, realtors and business owners to promote the growth of local businesses and jobs.

Starting 2022 we’re donating a percentage of our annual profit to local non-profit organizations that promote opportunities for Oregonians with diverse abilities, social equity, equal housing or equal economic development. Contact us at 503-683-2414 if you know a organization that supports any of these causes

The Power of Working Together

Putting or best efforts and true selves to be top-notch real estate buyers, so we can ALWAY make our Clients an Offer that meets their wishes and needs.

 Greatness Starts with Commitment

Our main driver is our commitment to social equity and housing issues impacting negatively our beloved neighborhoods and all the Portland Metro area. This inspires us to take action daily, aim to greatness, and serve our community through renovating houses and offering fair buying or renting options.

 Conscious Renovations

Beautiful houses from all centuries and decades paint the beauty of many Portland neighborhoods; we we will respect as many aspects as we can from the original house by bringing fireplaces back to life, painting beautiful facades, or even maybe restoring original wood floors. Combining the beauty of old constructions with modern living.

 Frugal Design

Playing a big role with Conscious Renovation, Frugal Designs means that we will invest and renovate only the needed works to keep affordable prices after our renovations. Working with local material providers, contractors, and businesses we keep our costs of renovation as low as possible.

 Always Be Learning

We all search something online at least once a day; the access to information and resources is huge! We attend to local REIA (Real Estate Investors Association) meetings, participate in national masterminds and pay for constant education; we’re top of the edge on acquisition and disposition strategies.

 How-Can-We Mindset

By asking our selves “How can we [goal]?” we open the conversation to many more options that allow us to make-things-work with our clients and partners. The nature of this mindset expands us to think about options and ideas on making things happen and work for all the people who are involved in our projects; this makes us unstoppable.

 Keep It Simple

Clear, transparent, understandable processes and communications is our way to go. For our clients this means no-hassle along the process and us explaining everything we know about buying homes for them to make an informed decision. Our business partners and clients love how SIMPLE it is working with us.

I found Bert to be sincere, hard working, and diligent. He has also demonstrated an ability to handle matters of importance with tact and maturity. I would definitely recommend.”

– JJ | Vancouver, WA