Kind Reviews
From Our Clients

Could it be because we’re super warm with our clients, or maybe the house-selling solutions we bring to our clients are as SIMPLE, EASY. and FAST as we preach, or how good looking we are… but it’s not us who will tell you why they loved working with us.

“We loved working with Bert! He was always very patient and took the time to answer any and all questions we had. We would definitely recommend him; he’s very hardworking and passionate about what he does!”

Chelsea | Tualatin, OR

“Bert is a highly motivated person. I can confirm he has great principles, is extremely dedicated, caring, and quick to offer assistance when I needed.”

Allison | Vancouver, WA

“I found Bert to be sincere, hard working, and diligent. He has also demonstrated an ability to handle matters of importance with tact and maturity. I would definitely recommend.”

JJ | Vancouver, WA

“Good at being reasonable, Bert found the positives all along our process and he humored things when we all needed the most.”

Iris | Portland, OR

“Bert is a standout personality with integrity. He is a true professional with great attention to detail and work ethic.”

Harsh | Beaverton, OR

“Norberto is very professional. He is considerate of others and always trying to put his best foot forward”

Gene | Portland, OR

We’re thankful for the opportunity to meet and work with amazing people.

We get that selling you’re house in not always easy, or simple; it involves many steps on the technical side, and on the personal side many emotions attached to all the memories and reasons you bought it for, that’s why we made this process with you on mind, so it allows you not to worry about anything except for receiving your money at the closing date. It’s simple, it’s fast, and we make it humane, close, and warm; just what you need.